21st century Tenjiku Shogi Problems

Now how do I save my...
Ah!.. yes king under mug!!

The problem section is limited in quantity and quality at the moment (they're mainly mine).
The next move problems are positions from PBM games and the answers are my opinion only.

A few problems without diagrams, you will need to set them up on one of the programs given in the links section.
The solutions to these and the problem on the right will be given on the answers page.

Opening Problem 1.
1:P-10k P-10f 2:SE-14k BGn-10e
Black to play What result?

Opening Problem 2.
1:P-7k SE-3f 2:P9k P-10f 3:VGn-13h VGnx13h 4:FiD-12x! P-8f
Black to play?

Opening Problem 3.
1:P-7k SE-3f 2:BGn-8k P-4f 3:FiD-6k P-10f 4:SE-14k VGn-13h 5:VGnx13h LHkx13h 6:FiD-9j FiD-9f 7:FiD-12gx!2 FiDx9lx!5 8:FiDx9l GGn-9d
Black to play?

Problem by Colin Adams (7 moves)

Problem N101 by Guenther Mensching
Find the next move and continuation. No clues.