21st century Tenjiku Shogi Problem Solutions


C Adams problem
1:P-4f* K-1e 2:P-3f* K-1f 3:P-2f* FiD-3h 4:LHkx3h mate [1:--FiD interpose 2:LHkxFiD mate]

The three text opening problems
Black can checkmate either side :
3:GGn-15g BGn-15j 4:SEx15j VGn-12g 5:GGn-14g 6:VGnx14g VGnx14g
3:---BGn-12g 4:GGn-15h or 3:---BGn-11d 4:GGn-2g
5:FiD-8ex!5 FiD7cx8e 6:BGn-8k RGn-9d 7:RGn-8m BGn-8f 8:RGnx10c+ FKx10c 9:BGn-9f (=GGn up)
(7:--RGnx9m* 8:BGnx3f)
9:FiDx10dx!6 mate in 2 not 9:FiDx9dx!4 RGnx9d 10:BGn-9k

Mating solutions
Problem 1
1:FiD-5cx! DE-7b 2:FiD-8dx!4 Phx8d 3:ChS-9c= K-10a 4:ChSx11a= Kx11a 5:DHx11b Kx11b 6:Ky-13d+ K-10a 7:Ln-11c mate [1:--K10a 2:ChS-12a+ K-9b 3:FiD-8ax!3][1:--G-7b 2:FiD-8a mate] [3:--K-8a 4:DH-12e then mate] [4:--K-9b 5:DH-12e BT-10c 6:DHx10c then mate]
Problem 2
Adapted from endgame study by Henri Rinck 1921 1:Kx1b LHkx1b 2:BGnx1b+ Kx1b 3:Rx4b K-1a 4:CP-1c SSo-4a 5:R5e-5b K-2a 6:R-2b K-1a 7:R-1b K-2a 8:R5b-2b K-3a 9:R-1a mate
[1:BGnx1b+ LHx2cx1d]    [3:--SSo-2a 4:Rx2a Kx2a 5:Rx5a and black will win with R+K v. K]
Problem 3
1:Kyx3h K-3g 2:DK-2h Kx2h 3:N-3j K-3i 4:ChS-4h (3:---K-3g/1g 4:ChS-3e)
Problem 4
1:HT-2d Kx3f 2:DH-4f Rx4f 3:HT-3e K-3g 4:S-2h Kx4h 5:G-4i Phx4i 6:HT-6h 2---k2g 3s2h /3---k2g 4s2h /5---K-5g 6:HTx5g

Next move answers
Problem N1:
A: 1: GG 9m-9l 2: Fi 7c-7f If 3:SE 14kx14e then 4:B 14c-15b 3:FE 8nx16f 4:P 16ex16f 4:Fi 10n-11k The King has plenty of breathing space, pieces can move freely and the Demon is out.
B: 1:SE 14k-14h 2:HF 16fx14h 3:GG 9mx14h 4:VG 9d-3j 5:K 9p-9o 6:GG 8d-9d 7:GG 14h-9m 8:VG 3j-3g Wins at least a GG for a VG.
C: 1: BG 11m-10l 2: HF 16fx10l+ 3: Fi 10n-11mx!1 Black has taken a slight loss in material without really improving the position.
Score : A=5 B=0 C=3

Problem N2:
A: 18: Fi 10e-5jx!2 19: FK 8o-9n Gives a flight square and the Fi must retreat
B: 18: Fi 11f-15jx!1 19: Fi 7n-11j 20: Fi 10e-5jx!2 21: FK 8o-9n This way you get the Hawk and Eagle
C: 18: Fi 11f-11i double threat, if Fix14l is covered; 19: B 14n-15o, 20: Fi 11ix10lx!4 21: Fi 10nx10l 22: GG 8d-9d mate.
Score : A=1 B=3 C=5

Problem N3:
A: 8:VG 9dx4i 9:LH 9nx4i 10:Fi 10c-11f if 11:P 13l-13k 12:Fi 11f-11i 13:RG 10mx10d+ 14:LH 8cx10d 15:GG 9m-9n - Interesting game (if 16:Fi 7c-10e 17:HF 4m-4k)
B: 8:SE 3f-2g 9:VG 4i-1k The great general falls.
C: 8:P 8e-8f 9:VG 4i-2j 10:VG 9d-6f 11:Fi 7n-6k - Black stands better.
Score : A=5 B=0 C=4

Problem N4:
A: 18:VG-15j 19:Fix15j 20:Fix12x!5 mate OR 19:Fi-15kx! 20:GGx15k 21:VG-2g 22:WBx2g 23:Fix2g does not threaten the king as it will be burnt on 7b first.
B: 18:Fix12mx!5 19:Chx12m 20:RGx7m+ 21:FEx7m 22:Fi-7d 23:VG-3h.
C: 18:Fix10lx!5 19:FE(orVG)x10l 20:VG-15j 21:Fi-14kx! - and will burn the GG next with one of the Fi's.
Score : A=5 B=1 C=3

Next move No Clue answers
Problem N101:
9.GG-9l !!! 10.P-4f then if 11.BGx13f 12.BGx13f 13.GG-14g 14.BGx14g 15.VGx14g 16.VG-11d 17.HFx11d* mate!!
A great line discovered by Guenther Mensching in a PBeM game that resulted in altering move 8 in the Double doors opening.