21st century Tenjiku Shogi Bishop General 8k P-4f

BG-8k P-4f opening.
1:P-7k SE-3f      2:BGn-8k P-4f(a)              3:FiD-6k(b) P-10f(c)(V)       4:SE-14k BGn-9f(d)  
5:P-13k P-8f(e)  6:FiD-6h(f) RGnx7m+(g)   7:FiD-8ex!6(h) LHkx8e        8:FEgx7m(i) FK-8c(j) 
The position seems unclear, but here's one way black may try to continue the attack;
9:VGn-5j(k) LHk-3j(l)   10:GGn-8n K-9b   11:GGn-7n(m) RGn-9d(n)   12:BGn-9j(o) FiD10c-8d(p)

(a) The alternatives are HF-4f or the horrible looking SE-1h
(b) Threatening combinations around 2g, the attack at 6h or the fork at 9j.
(c) White must use some forcing moves to cover the threats. For early RGn exchange see (V) below.
(d) This forcing move covers the FiD-9j frontal attack
(e) This covers the BGnx3f attack with a checkmate threat on 3j but what if white again tries an earlier RGn exchange;
    5:--- RGnx7m+ 6:Lnx7m(e1) P-8f(e2) 7:BGnx3f WBfx3f 8:FiD-2gx! HF-5d(e3) 9:FiDx3ex!4
        (e1) 6:BGnx3f WBfx3f 7:FiD-2gx! HF-5d(PBeM is different) 8:Lnx7m(e11) B-2b
            (e11) 8:F-7lx! P-8f 9:SE-3k B-15b OR 8:FEgx7m P-8f - Black has a WBf and SE for a BGn in these 3 lines
        (e2) 6:---HF-4e 7:FiD-6h BGnx14k 8:WBfx14k Ky-5b(e21) 9:FiDx9ex!5 FiD10cx9e 10:GGnx9e
            (e21) P-8f(VGn-13h is similar) 9:FiD-8ex!5 LHkx8e 10:VGn-2g SEx2g-1h GGn-8m mate
        (e3) Under PBeM rules white has 8:---B-2b 9:FiD-2k BGn-6c
(f) Not 6:BGnx3f WBfx3f 7:FiD-2g! HF-5d    8:FiDx3ex!4 DH-1f 9:FiD-1gx! VGn-3j 10:FiD-3ix! GGnx3i
(g) Trying to save an extra general doesn't work. 6:---BGnx14k 7:WBfx14k RGnx7m+ 8:FEgx7m FiD-7f 9:FiD-9j forking 9e and 14e. (the water buffalo attacking its opposite number has some uses).
(h) 7:Lnx7m  FiD-7f and black losses any advantage. Exchanging Demons and winning 3 pawns just gives white more space and if 8:FiD-4gx!3 FiDx4g 9:BGnx4g VGn-3i 10:VGn-6m VGnx4g
(i) Lnx7m is similar
(j) Creating a flight square for the King, Ky-5b would let the Fire Demon be pinned to the King. This is a tricky position, but who stands better? Black has a BGn, VGn and GGn for a FiD

(k) Threatening 10:GGn-8n K-9b 11:VGn-2i mate.
(l) Covering 2i and attacking the Vice General
(m) Planning 12:BGnx3f WBfx3f 13:VGnx3j FiDx3j 14:GGnx3j but no time.
(n) FiD7c-8f seems strong if 12:GGn-8m (hoping for FiD-4jx!2) then FiD-9i does the trick.
(o) 12:RGn-9m FiD7c-10d is interesting.
(p) The Fire Demons work well together, white is threatening checkmate, if 13:Ky-12o(or GGnx7c*) FiD-8kx!3. So 13:RGn-9m and the FiD on 7c can move safely to 9e or to 6f and it's still tricky.

(V)  This is an interesting line for Fire Demon rules
1:P-7k SE-3f 2:BGn-8k P-4f  3:FiD-6k RGnx7m+(a) 4:Lnx7m(b)
(a) This move is certainly premature under the normal (TSA) FiD rules and is probably poor under the PBeM FiD rules.
(b) This gives the King an early flight square making P-10f a non-mating force.

Play under TSA rules
The FiD burns all surrounding pieces bar an enemy FiD, then is itself burnt if it has moved next to an enemy FiD.
4:--- P-10f                        5:BGnx3f WBfx3f
6:FiD-2gx!(c) HF-5d(d)    7:FiDx3ex!4 VGn-15j
8:K-9o VGn-13i(e)           9:FiDx2c!5(f) VGnx9m*
10:FK-6m GGn-9d(g)      11:K-8o GGn-14i
12:K-9p FiD-9f                13:RGnx10d+(h) FEgx10d(i)
14:B-2o This seems good for black

(c) Threatening to burn the King.
(d) DH-5d 7:FiDx3ex!5 VGn-15j 8:K-9o VGn-13i 9:FiDx3bx!6 DHx3b 10:VGn-2g
(e) White can't take the FiD; 8:---VGn-14j 9:BGnx14j GGnx14j 10:K-9p GGnx10n 11:VGn-2g HFx2G 12:FiDx2g Ky-6c 13:GGn-8m K-7b 14:FiDx6cx!4*  Burning the King along with itself!
(f) Black has nothing with 9:VGn-2g HFx2g 10:FiD-1hx! DH-5d
(g) To clear a path for the RGn in sente.
(h) 13:VGn-9k FiDx3lx!5 14:B-2o now FiDx5nx!5 or retreat, who's ahead?
(i) Not FiDx3lx!5 14:FiDx5dx!5 FiDx5d 15:GGn!x5d

Play under PBeM rules
The FiD burns NO surrounding pieces when moving next to an enemy FiD, only the attacking FiD is burnt.
4:--- P-10f                     5:BGnx3f WBfx3f
6:FiD-2gx! VGn-15j       7:K-9o VGn-13i(x)
8:FiDx3ex!5 VGnx9m*   9:FK-6m FiD-9f
10:VGn-9k GGn-9d       11:K-8o GGn-14i
12:K-9p FiDx3lx!5

(x) Winning the FiD is bad 7:---VGn-14j 8:BGnx14j GGnx14j 9:K-9p GGnx10n 10:FEgx10n RGn-9d(x1) 11:RGnx10c+ FKx10c 12:VGn-9k
     (x1) Trying to run from GGn-8n is no good
     10:---Ky-6c 11:VGn-4i then VGn-1h or GGn-8n

These moves are unchecked so there is room for error and certainly many variations, but so far it seems fair for white.