21st century Tenjiku Shogi Old openings

You lose nothing by ignoring this page.

(but there may be a thing or two to check out who knows !?)

This page is just for storing old opening attempts but may still have a few lines worth seeing.
You lose nothing by ignoring this page.
Defending against 2:BGn-8k A few lines testing white equality with TSA FiD rules.

P4f line
. This line may be OK for white but needs a lot more work to check it.
1:P-7k SE-3f   2:BGn-8k P-4f    3:FiD-6k P-10f 4:SE-14k BGn-9f 5:P-13k P-8f
6:FiD-6h BGnx14k  7:WBfx14k RGnx7m+ 8:FiD-8ex!5 (A) WBfx8e 9:Lnx7m Ky-5b 10:BGnx3f FiD-4ex!
Not 6:BGnx3f WBfx3f 7:FiD-2g! HF-5d    8:FiDx3ex!4 DH-1f 9:FiD-1gx! VGn-3j 10:FiD-3ix! GGnx3i
But (A) 8:Lnx7m FiD-7f 9:FiD-9j forking 9e and 14e now the BGn has left 9f (to reduce the number captured with FiD-8e)

So: (1:P-7k SE-3f   2:BGn-8k P-4f    3:FiD-6k P-10f 4:SE-14k BGn-9f 5:P-13k P-8f 6:FiD-6h) RGnx7m+ 7:FiD-8ex!6 LHkx8e 8:FEgx7m FK-8c 9:VGn-5j LHk-3j A tricky position, who stands better? Black has a BGn, VGn and GGn for a FiD
(*?) is affected by FiD rules, (*?*) king burning threat.
Horned Falcon line
1:P-7k SE-3f 2:BGn-8k HF-4f 3:BGnx4f (If P-4f is bad for white then now is the time to force that move, before BGnx4f becomes playable) Px4f  4:FiD-6k P-10f

5:BGnx3f WBfx3f 6:FiD-2gx!(*?*) DH-5d 7:SE-14k RGnx7m+ 8:Lnx7m B-2b

5:SE-14k BGn-9f 6:BGnx3f WBfx3f 7:P-13k P-8f 8:FiD-2gx!(*?*) DH-5c (Can't play 9:FiDx3gx!4 VGn-3j 10:FiD-3ix! GGnx3i 11:VGn-2g DHx2g 12:LHkx2 GGn3j)

5:SE-14k BGn-9f 6:BGnx3f WBfx3f 7:P-13k P-8f 8:FiD-6h BGnx14k 9:WBfx14k RGnx7m+ 10:FiD-8ex!5(*?) LHkx8e 11:FEgx7m FiD-7i
(10:Lnx7m FiD-7f)

5:SE-14k BGn-9f 6:P-13k P-8f 7:FiD-6h BGnx14k 8:WBfx14k RGnx7m+ 9:FiD-8ex!5(*?) LHkx8e 10:FEgx7m FK-8c
Soaring Eagle line.
1:P-7k SE-3f      2:BGn-8k SE-1h(a)      3:FiD-6k P-10f
4:SE-14k BGn-9f(b)     5:P-13k(c) P-2f(d)
6:FiD-3k(e) P-8f           7:FiDx3ex!5(f) FiD-11f    Now...
8:RGnx10d+ Lnx10d  9:P-9k FiD-11i  10:FiD-10k BGnx14k 11:WBfx14k FiD-14jx!2 12:HF-12m FiDx14lx!3 Black to move seems better off (but white has threats).
Or 8:BGn-3f SEx3f*   9:VGn-8k BGnx14k   10:WBfx14k
FiD-15jx!    11:HF-12m FiDx14lx!4 counter-grabbing.
Not 8:P-9k FiD-11i looks good for white.

(a) This looks poor but the idea is to cover 2g, the "h" rank and also
remove the target from 3f.
(b) Blocks one threat from FiD-9j. If white played VGn-13h then 5:VGnx13h
SEx13h 6:FiD-9j or 5:FiD-2g!
(c) Black could also play HF-13k.
(d) This can be played now that 3f is protected by the SE.
(e) Three way fork 9e, 3e and 2i (FiD-5i or 4j have less threats).
(f) 7:FiD-2ix! FiD-11f sample line, not best play;
8:FK-6m RGnx7m+         9:FEgx7m FiD-7f         10:VGn-3h BGnx14k
11:WBfx14k FiD-15jx!    12:DH-12m Ln-7d/c    13:B-15o FiD-11jx! =======
In answer to 2:BGn-8k both P-4f and HF-4f seem OK so far.
In the few lines shown and the unprinted lines that led to them, there was no forced win dependent on the FiD rules.
(There may be errors in the examples or other key variations).
But there seems little reason so far not to change the way that PBeM plays the FiD rule to the TSA rule.
Any forced win by black, please post here.
Old Line diverting blacks VGn was bad for white
1:P-7k SE-3f  2:BGn-8k P-4f  3:FiD-6k P-10f 4:SE-14k VGn-13h 5:VGnx13h LHkx13h 6:FiD-9j RGnx7m+ 7:FEgx7m FiD-9f 8:GGnx9f Px9f 9:FiD-6gx! (9:FiD-12gx!2 is good too) GGn-8c 10:FK-6m
Irrelevant but under TSA rules 8:FiD-12gx!2 stops FiDx3lx!5
Sample SE-1h game
1:P-7k SE-3f 2:BGn-8k SE-1h 3:FiD-6k P-10f 4:SE-14k BGn-9f 5:P-13k P-2f 6:FiD-3k P-8f 7:FiDx3ex!5 GGn-8e 8:HF-13l BGnx13k 9:BGn-3f SEx3f* 10:VGn-2g WBfx2g 11:FiD-1h! LHk-6c(Depends on the LionHawk rule) 12:RGn-8m BGn-8g 13:HFx13k-13j LHkx1h 14:HFx8e+ FiD-9f! 15:HF-4k
FiDx9lx!5 16:FiDx9l BGnx4k 17:Px4k VGn-3j mate.

This was the original front opening page Have a look if you want - unchecked.
Few if any are good, many have mistakes, some deliberate to produce a result.

Tenjiku opening 1 1: P-7k  -  Illustrating some threats

1:P-7k   Threatens mate in 1   SE-3f  defends (forced). 2:BGn-8k Weakens the 1h-9p mating diagonal, but threatens mate in 2 and opens up the Fire Demon.   2:--- P-4f   3:FiD-6k  P-2f (Passive)

1:P-7k  SE-3f  2:BGn-8k  P-4f   3:FiD-6k  HF-13f    4:BGnx3f  WBfx3f               5:FiD-2gx! Winning   (if 4:Px3f   5:FiDx12ex!6   discovered mate attack)

1:P-7k  SE-3f   2:BGn-8k  P-4f   3:FiD-6k  P-8f     4:HF-4k  RGnx7m+                5:LHkx7m  WBf-10g etc. Trying to prise the Fire Demon away from the Horned Falcon, allowing BGnx4k then VGn-3j mate

1:P-7k  SE-3f   2:BGn-8k  P-4f    3:FiD-6k  P-8f    4:BGnx3f Px3f                        5:FiD-2gx! DH-5d      and the Fire Demon is pinned to the defence of the 3j mating square

1:P-7k  SE-3f   2:BGn-8k  P-4f   3:FiD-6k  RGnx7m+   4:FEgx7m  P-10f       5:SE-14k  VGn-13h  Threatening VGn-16i, SEx16i, BGnx16i mate               6:P-13k

1:P-7k  SE-3f   2:BGn-8k  P-4f     3:FiD-6k  RGnx7m+     4:FEgx7m  P-10f 5:SE-14k  BGn-9f   6:P-13k  P-2f     7:P-9k  VGn-13h       (if 7:...HF-13f   8:BGnx13f  Px13f   9:VGn-14g mate)

1:P-7k  SE-3f   2:BGn-8k  P-4f    3:FiD-6k  RGnx7m+      4:FEgx7m  P-10f        5:SE-14k  P-2f    6:FiD-9j HF-13f      7:FiDx9ex!5  FiD10cx9e
8:VGn-2g  SEx2g    9:GG-8n mate.

1:P-7k  SE-3f     2:BGn-8k  P-4f     3:FiD-6k  RGnx7m+ 
4:GGnx7m  P-10f    5:SE-14k  VGn15j     6:SEx15j! GGn-9d mate       (4...GGn-7d  5:FiDx6ex!5 FiDx6e  6:VGn-2g SEx2g  7:GGn-8m mate)

1:P-7k  SE-3f    2:BGn-8k  P-4f     3:FiD-6m  P-8f    4:FiD-6j(a)  HF-4e(b) 5:BGnx3f  HFx3f      6:FiD-4gx!3  RGnx7m+       7:FEgx7m  FiD-7d                   8:P-13k  P-10f       9:HF-13l  FiD-6f     and Black must still keep 3j covered.                (a) 4:HF-4k HF-13f     (b) 4:--- HF-13f 5:BGnx3f WBfx3f 6:FiD-3gx!2 BGnx3g 7:VGn-2g mate

1:P-7k  SE-3f     2:BGn-8k  P-4f      3:FiD-6m  P-8f   4:FiD-6j  HF-4e                  5:BGnx3f  HFx3f    6:FiD-4gx!3  RGnx7m+    7:FEgx7m  P-10f                      8:SE-14k  FiD-7d    9:P-13k  FiD-13jx!2    10:FiDx7ex!4  LHkx7e             11:VGn-2g  WBfx2g    12:GGn-8m mate

1:P-7k  SE-3f      2:BGn-8k  P-4f    3:FiD-6m  P-9f     4:BGnx3f  WBfx3f    5:FiDx14ex!5

1:P-7k SE-3f    2:BGn-7l  P-10f      3:SE-14k P-8f best

1:P-7k SE-3f    2:BGn-7l P-4f    3:BGn-4i P-10f    4:BGnx9d* FiD-9f
5:GGnx9f  Px9f    6:RGnx10d+ (6:RGn-9m) GGnx10d   7:Ky-12o GGn-9e
5:---BGnx9f  6:RGnx10d+ GGnx10d  7:Ky-12o BGn-4k  8:HFx4k RGn-9d  9:VGn9m

1:P-7k SE-3f     2:P-9k P-10f      3:SE-14k HF-13f      4:VGn-4i VGnx4i    5:LHkx4i FiD-11f      6:FiD-6k FiDx6kx!4     7:HFx6k HFx6m+
8:FKx6m LHk-13h    9:P-10k  RGnx7m+    10:GGnx7m

Tenjiku opening 2 1: P-8k  -  More threats

1:P-8k P-9f
    2:VGn-6k SE-3f     3:FiD-9k HF-4f     4:FiD-13gx! Threatening FiDx14ex!5 or FiDx10ex!5 (Any)x10e RGnxFiD

1:P-8k HF-4f    2:VGn-6k SE-3f    3:FiD-8l HF-5g    4:FiD-9j Threat FiDx14ex!5 or Fidx9ex!5 FiD7cx9e 6:GGnx9e FiDx9e 7:FiD-4hx!

1:P-8k SE-3f  2:SE-14k P-10f  3:P-13k SE-14f  4:HF-13l VGn-10g  5:HF-4k

1:P-8k P-10f     2:SE-14k VGn-11f     3:VGn-6k VGnx6k 
4:FiD-7kx! RGnx7k     5:RGnx7k FiD-11f

1:P-8k P-10f      2:SE-14k VGn-11f       3:VGn-6k VGnx6k
4:Px6k GGn-9d     5:FiD-8l

1:P-8k P-10f    2:SE-14k SE-3f    3:VGnx16e HF-4f    4:FiD-8l SMx16e 5:FD3gx!2 BGnx3g     6:GGx3g P4f     7:FiD-9k P9f     8:GGx7c
1:P-8k P-10f     2:SE-14k P-8f     3:VGn-6k SE-3f   4:FiD-8l BGn-9f 
5:P-13k P-4f      6:FiD-13gx! VGn-11f      7:VGnx11f FiDx11f 
8:FiDx14ex!5 FiDx14e     9:BGnx14e+

1:P-8k P-10f    2:SE-14k BGn-9f     3:P-13k SE-3f     4:VGn-6k VGn-11f 
5:FiD-9k  GGn-9d

Tenjiku opening 3 For the sake of variety
1:P-9k P-10f     2:VGn-13h  BGn-10e

1:P-9k P-10f       2:VGn13h VGnx13h        3:FiD-12ix! BGn-9f 
4 :FiD-9h P-8f     5:FiDx7ex!5 FiD7cx7e     6:RGnx7e+ FiDx7e
7:GGn-8m FiDx7lx!4      8:FiDx7l

1:P-9k P-10f      2:VGn-13h  HF-13f      3:FiD-12i VGn-9f 
4:FiD-13gx!2 LHkx13h*    5:FiDx14ex!4 VGn-13j
(3:---HFx13h* 4:FiDx8ex!5 FiD7cx8e 5:RGn-8m FiDx8lx!4 6:FiDx8l)

1:P-10k P-10f    2:SE-14k HF-13f    3:GGn-14h VGn-13h

1:SE-10k P-10f   2:P-13k BGn-10e   3:P-15k P-9f   4:WBf-15j Dg-12g
5:FiD-13l P-12f

1:SE-3k P-10f    2:SE-14k BGn-9f    3:P-13k FiD-11f    4:P-7k P-2f 
5:VGn-4i FK-11d

Sliding Falcon
1:HF-4k P-10f(a)    2:SE-14k P-9f(a)   3:HF-3k P-8f    4:HF-2k P-7f
5:SE-3k VGn-13h(b)   6:P-13k FiD-11f   7:P-7k Ln-10c(c)   8:VGn-2g K-8b
(a) White has other moves but this is more fun.
(b) 5:---P-4f  6:P-7k HF-4e and SE-3f next if needed
(c)7:---VGnx8m*8:LHk-6k (7:--- SE-3f 8:SEx3f)