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Bits and Pieces by The Dave Clark Five - 1964
The Dave Clark Fives “Tottenham sound” was billed as an answer to the “Mersey sound”, they cut their first record in 1962 and were the number two group in England by ‘64.
“Bits and Pieces” was banned from many live performances because the audience would jump up and down to the songs strong stomping beat.

May 2008 problem N4
Who’s that in the tutorial link?
It’s Jimmy Edwards, star of the public school sitcom series “Whacko” 1956-60 and 1971-72.
The unfortunate lad is young master Wendover.
Beer drinking, scheming, gambling, cane wielding headmaster Jimmy would often make the boy the "butt" of his humour with the order “bend over Wendover!”.
Not a series for today’s PC World!

April 2008.
The quick attack line that seemed to give black the biggest advantage may be cooked (hopefully) in which case the game could be reasonable equal. The elevated value for the water buffalo made me think black had too great an advantage.
25Apr08 was the wrong date should have been 5 Apr08 :(
A new addition to the Exotic bestiary, New games page and new game. Openings : Quick attack a new line

New Tenjiku home:  http://www.tenjiku-shogi.net/
New game on the PBeM page - my recent loss
Thanks to Michael Hofmann for the new site for these pages. 
There are only three games going on Richards PBeM at the moment so if anyone can start some more games... Or is the game too violent, scary or difficult? give it a go just for fun.

08Jul07 Rapid update
Two new places to access these pages, both faster than tenjiku.site.io
4th July put the site here
8th July put the site here http://www.iget.me.uk/tenjiku/

News ALL NEW PAGES July 2007
30Jun07 The Phoenix game
Tenjiku seems to die off frequently and abruptly only to be resurrected just as suddenly from its ashes. So here we are again, moving from lucky dog to a new set of pages (slightly revamped) and maybe rekindling a little Tenjiku spirit. The reason for the change is to remove some of the bonds to my ISP.
So now I'm looking for a free permanent slot for the pages as I update and add to them