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Tenjiku Links

Where to play
The best place to get a game is on Richard's PBeM Server where you can find opponents and play Tenjiku Shogi by email. Go to the server site where you will find instructions (after the list of all the types of games available on the server), just choose a userid and a password then sign up to play.
The server will also allow non-members to view old games at the Tenjiku archive. When there, click on the number of the game you want view and you will be presented with a diagram of the games final position. Select any move in the right hand box and you will be taken to that position. 

Sites to visit
Tenjiku Shogi from Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia. Much more than just a good and fuller account of the rules.

The German Chu Shogi Association has it's own section on Tenjiku with a very interesting and original chart of exchange values.

"Le Shogi exotique" History of Chess including Tenjiku. Good site but the rules are for the old game. 

Colin Adams' book on tenjiku tactics "The Struggle for Survival" available in PDF. Much of chapters 2-13 can still apply to the new game. Games and movement rules are only for the old game though.

Photos of John Lawson's Tenjiku set (purchased from TSA below). 

Tenjiku (and other Shogi vars) dicussion group and more at Yahoo Shogivar

Shop (email)
George Hodges - PO Box 77, Bromley, Kent BR1 2WT (4ZG). -- [email George here]
Perhaps the only place in the universe where you can buy a new Tenjiku Shogi set
Tenjiku booklet also available. Note: it has the old jumping general rule.

Tenjiku 1.11 by Yojibee. Single exe file downloadable here. Uses both rule sets.
A diagram from the Yojibee program is shown in the 3rd game on "original site games" menu

Steve Evans shogi variants Not for modern Tenjiku (uses old rules) but great for all other variations.
and for checking out the old rules.