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PBM 203  dar dav 
Interesting game due to mistakes on both sides, I was lucky and should have lost this game. 
I had sente (first move - black) and tried a central soaring eagle opening.
Black: Dave Harper - White: Phoenix - Started : Mar-04-2006 - PBeM 137
1: SE 12m-10k  2: P 10e-10f  3: P 13l-13k  The black SE can hamper whites frontal development.
One reason for 1:SE-10k is that in this position there is nothing for the white BG to attack from 9f.
4: P 8e-8f  5: P 7l-7k  6: SE 5d-3f  7: BG 6m-8k  8: P 4e-4f   9: Fi 7n-6k   10: DH 4c-5d
White doesn't need to play this. 10:RGx7m+ may be best here: 1: RG 7dx7m+ 2: FE 8nx7m 3: HF 13d-13f and black has no attack; 4: BG 8kx3f 5: WB 6cx3f 6: Fi 6k-2gx!1 7: VG 9d-6c
11: HF 13m-13l  -  I got caught napping this time, black should play move 11 here;
1: Fi 6k-9j 2:VG 9d-3j 3:VG 8m-6m (or VG 9d-14i  DH 13n-12m)  4: B 14c-15b
(or 4:RG 10dx10m*  5:RG 9jx14ex!5)  5: Fi 9jx9ex!4  6:VG 3jx6m 7:FK 8ox6m  8: Fi 10cx9e
9: GG 9mx9e 10:Fi 7cx9e 11:RG 7mx7d+ 12:Ky 7bx7d - Black is a Rook General up.
12: VG 9d-9f  Blocks the Demon but seems to be an easy target.
13: HF 13l-13j  This skewer (the VG onto the RG) must be good and it covers the vital points of 13h and 14i plus all of the j rank.
14: VG 9f-12h - I saw no problems here, especially as the VG is too far from the vital 16i square.
15: HF 13jx7d* - Grabbing the RG (on 7d) for a HF but the HF immediately burns up, giving white a free move. The free move though should concern the Fi as it is attacked by the black RG.
16: Fi 7c-9f  Valiant try, may be best! 16:Fi7c-8e is possible. If instead white plays...
1: VG 12h-13i (mate in 2 on 16i)  2: FK 8o-6m (not 2:GGx13i 3:GGx13i 4:DH-12n 5:Fi7c-9f) 3: VG 13ix9m*  4: RG 7mx7c+
5: GG 8d-9d  6: K 9p-8o  7: GG 9d-14i  8: K 8o-7n  9: Fi 10c-7dx!1 - Seems good for black
17: GG 9mx9f   18: Fi 10cx9f  19: RG 10mx10d+  20: WB 11cx10d
At this point in the game I thought I was winning, though there was the problem of GG-9d mate.
21: FK 8o-6m  22: VG 12h-14i - Ouch! how did I miss that! I MUST play 21:FK-7n, what a difference.
The first thing to notice in this position is the black Kings flight square 8o, it is now covered by both the white VG and GG. If fact GG-9d now is mate! so lets see the problem after blacks next move.
23: Fi 6k-4i - To stop GG-9d, but doesn't BG-16i mate? No,  1:VG -16i 2:WBx16i 3:BGx16i  4:VG-11n - black wins.
White must remove the black VG first, so...  1: Fi 9fx9lx!5 the key move!  2: Fi 10nx9l  3: VG 14i-16i
4: WB 11nx16i  5: BG 11dx16i checkmate, I should have lost here! We'll look at this again in 2 moves.
24: P 7e-7f  25: Fi 4i-5gx!2 - The mate is still on but had I played correctly on move 21...
1: Fi 9fx9lx!5 now  2: Fi 5gx8dx!3 and in the game white can play 3: Fi 9l-8ox!7 cremate. But if the FK is on 7n not 6m then that move (3:Fi-8ox!7) is blocked. White must stop 4: Fi 8dx8bx!5, so after  3: Ln 8bx8d 4: LH 9nx9l  there is no mate on for white.
26: GG 8dx5g  27: BG 11mx5g  28: FE 9cx5g  I was happy to get off this cheaply and still have a RG for a BG.
29: VG 8m-4i This covered Fix3lx!5 and freed the black Fi and RG but the VG could get tied down.
30: HF 4d-4f  Taking advantage of the open 4 file too soon. 30:Ln-8d 31:RG-8m 32:BG-8b would be fine.
31: RG 7m-8m  32: FK 9b-9d  Threat was BGx3f (double) checkmate, but Fix9lx!5 was the best answer.
33: BG 8k-6i  34: K 8a-9b again Fix9lx!4 was better.
35: BG 6ix9f  36: WB 6cx9f  the pressure on 3l builds up.
37: SE 5m-3k  38: HF 4f-3g  brings another piece (Ch) into play, this is why pawns can have a negative value.
39: RG 8m-9m  40: K 9b-8a  41: VG 4i-2i  This gets the VG away from the Ch in sente, (it threatens mate in 1).
42: Ky 7b-7d  43: Dg 5k-5j This prepares a blockade of the diagonal 13b to 3l and after P5k my diagonals open.
44: Ch 4b-4g  Good move, white pieces are coming into play thick and fast. Now what to do with my VG.
45: RG 9m-8m  46: K 8a-7b  47: RG 8m-7m  48: K 7b-6c  The VG has a clear path behind the central pawns now.
49: VG 2i-5k  50: LH 8c-8e  This seems to be the wrong direction. 
51: Fi 10n-7l  52: VG 14i-14h  53: Fi 7l-10j
The Fi is still attacking but on a thinning board is easily harassed by the likes of the pieces on 5g, 4g and 3g.
Even the white VG can now be defended by BG-7c with the aid of the FK and FE.
54: VG 14h-15h  55: VG 5k-8i  56: DH 5d-4e  Yet another diagonal covered, LH-6f is another move, hard to say.
57: FK 6m-11h happy to exchange VG's  58: WB 9fx11h59: VG 8ix11h  60: LH 8ex11h  61: Fi 10jx11h
62: P 9e-9f
  stops the mate  63: Fi 11h-14hx!1 64: SE 12d-11c  If 64:B-15b then Fix13ex!6, this is the penalty for 20:WBx10d removing a 13e defender.    65: Fi 14hx14ex!5
The game finished on move 73 after a few helpmate moves.

This game is an interesting illustration of how the key diagonals are still dangerous in the middle game, even when the major pieces have been exchanged.
Black: Headius - White: Phoenix - Started Feb 2006 - PBeM 115
1: P 7l-7k  2: SE 5d-3f  3: SE 12m-14k  4: P 8e-8f  5: P 3l-3k  6: VG 9d-8g  7: VG 8m-7j
The Vice generals clash in the centre. 8:RGx7j now looks messy.
8: HF 4d-4f  9: LH 9n-6k  10: Fi 10c-7f  Mistake
11: BG 6m-8k  Black needed to take more care here, should be:
1: VG 7jx3f  2: HF 4fx3f  3: RG 7mx7f  4: P 7ex7f  5: BG 6m-7l saving the black demon.
12: RG 7dx7j  Black has a nice combination here.  13: RG 7mx7j  14: Fi 7fx7jx!3  15: Fi 7nx7j
16: VG 8gx7j
  Black is now a BG, VG and LH up.
17: WB 6n-7n  FK-7n would be better. 
18: Fi 7c-7f  Demon walks into danger, 18:RG 10d-9d would be good:
1: RG 10d-9d  2: FE 8n-7m  3: RG 9dx9m*  4: RG 10m-8m  5: VG 7jx8m  6: FK 8ox8m  7: GG 8d-10d
8: Fi 10n-8n  9: GG 10d-9d  10: K 9p-8o  11: GG 9d-8d  12: K 8o-9p  13: GG 8dx8n  14: Ln 9ox8n
19: FE 8n-7m  and now white should play 1: Fi 7f-6i  2: FE 7mx7j*  3: Fi 6i-3lx!6 (white has nothing with 3: Fi 6ix8lx!2 4: FK 8ox8l 5: GG 8d-9d 6: K 9p-8o 7: GG 9d-8e 8: K 8o-9p 9: GG 8e-9f 10: K 9p-8o 11: RG 10d-8d 12: RG 10m-8m)
20: VG 7j-4g  Looks like a mistake, look again and it seems to have potential, but...
21: FE 7mx7f  22: VG 4g-2i  23: GG 9m-6m  24: VG 2ix6m   25: DK 5nx6m  26: P 7ex7f 
In the end white has given back what was won.  27: RG 10m-8m    Black returns the favour.
28: RG 10dx10n+  29: WB 11nx10n  30: FK 9b-10c  31: RG 8mx8d+  32: FE 9cx8d  33: P 9l-9k
With all the major mating pieces gone, this should be a long game. The main plan now being to press home an advantage somewhere and aim to promote a WB, BG or SE.
34: SE 12d-10f  35: HF 13m-13k  36: LH 8c-7e   37: WB 7n-9l  38: HF 4f-4g  39: WB 9lx4g 
Not a good exchange, I think the Water Buffalo is worth more than Horned Falcon in this position.
40: SE 3fx4g-5h  41: WB 10n-10m  42: Dg 5f-5g  43: HF 4m-4k  44: HF 13d-13f  45: DK 6m-7n
46: P 5e-5f  47: B 3n-4m  48: B 3c-7g   49: DK 12n-8n  50: Ln 8b-10d  51: P 8l-8k  52: SE 10f-8h
53: Dg 12k-12j  54: P 11e-11f  55: P 12l-12k  56: DE 9a-8b  57: B 14nx8h  58: DH 13cx8h

Giving up a SE for a B and gaining control of the 1a-16p diagonal seems to be a loss for white.
59: I 4p-5o  60: P 9e-9f   61: I 5o-6n  62: P 9f-9g  63: I 6n-6m  64: Ch 14b-10f  65: HF 13k-14j
66: DH 4c-3c  67: I 6m-7l
  I feel the Iron is going too far and too slow. It needs to stay in camp to defend.
68: DH 8h-12l+  69: SE 14k-13k  70: +DH 12l-8h  71: Ch 13o-12o
72: +DH 8h-8g  Good move but what was the original purpose of this move?.
73: N 15p-14n  This does not help the position, Ky-9n would defend by freeing the king.
74: Ch 3b-2b The reason for move 72, ganging up on 12l or 13m for promotion but 72 has a better use
75: R 14m-12m  76: +DH 8gx4k  Well spotted, now black must not retake. 77: P 4lx4k  (Ky-9n best?)
78: BG 11dx4k  Checkmate.

The terrible destructive power of united Fire Demons.
Black : Edi Werner - White : Dave Harper - Started Jun 2005 - PBeM 98
1: P 7l-7k  2: SE 5d-3f  3: P 9l-9k  4: P 10e-10f  5: SE 12m-14k  6: HF 13d-13f  7: VG 8m-4i   Not sure about this move as the resulting Lion Hawk on 4i becomes a target. Could HF-4k be the move here.
8: VG 9dx4i  9: LH 9nx4i  10: Fi 10c-11f  11: RG 10mx10d+   Black has the 10m square freed, but this Rook-General exchange helps white develop by freeing the Free-King and the Fire-Demon on 7c. 
12: LH 8cx10d  13: P 8l-8k  Preventing the Horned-Falcon Bishop-General exchange is too small. HF-4k is one way to continue, Fi-12i is another.
14: Fi 7c-10e With so many threats whites united Demons are virtually unstoppable now.
15: RG 7mx7d+  This does nothing for black and gives the white King a flight path if needed.
16: FK 9bx7d  17: B 3n-2o  18: Fi 11f-11i  Attacks the other Rook pawn, threatens Fix10lx!4 then mate.
19: Fi 10n-10m This move is affected by the Fire demon vs. Fire demon burning rule but in both cases the 10l pawn cannot be taken. Under the PBeM rule the Demon is lost for nothing. Under the old rule after 20: Fix10lx!4* 21:FK-9n, white still has nothing.
20: Fi 11ix14lx!6  21: Fi 7n-6k  22: Fi 14lx15nx!5  23: Fi 6k-7i 
24: Fi 10e-5jx!2  25: Fi 7ix5j  26: BG 11dx5j
Black uses his next move to give up. 27: Fi 10m-9j  28: HF 13fx9j  Resign

Great game and thanks to Gunther for submitting the analysis.
Black: Günther Mensching - White: Michael Hofmann - July 2006 - PBeM 180
1:P-7k 2:SE-3f 3:P-9k 4:P-9f 5:SE-14k Waiting move, because white can’t develop his Vice General.
6:GG-13i ?  Exchange loss GG for VG.   7:VG-2g 8:SEx!2g 9:Fi-12ix! 10:Fi-8f  forced
11:P-8k 12:Fi-8i only move   13:P-10k 14:Ky-5b 15:Fi-12h 16:VG-7f  if instead-
a) 16:Fix6lx!6 17:FEx6l 18:P-10f 19:Fi-10ex!6 20:Fix10e 21:RGx10e+ or 18:VG-7f 19:GG-8m 20:K-7b 21:Fi-7cx!7 cremate
b) 16:VG-8d 17:Fix8dx!5 and now:
A. 18:RGx8d 19:RGx10c+ 20:FKx10c 21:Fi-11k 22:Fix6lx!5m6m7m 23:Fex6l - Black lost Fi, VG, 2xRG, 1xBG, SE White lost 2xFi, GG, VG, RG or 22:Fix11kx! 23:GGx11k - Black lost 2xFi, VG, RG White lost 2xFi, GG, VG, RG
B. 18:Lnx8d 19:RG-8l 20:Fi-7lx!5 21:LHx7l - Black lost Fi, VG, RG, BG White lost Fi, GG, VG, RG, LH, FE
C. 18:Fi10cx8d 19:RG-8l 20:Fi-7lx!5 21:LHx7l 22:Fix8nx!4 23:Fix8n Black lost Fi, GG, VG, RG, BG, FE, Ln, FK, Ph White lost 2xFi, GG, VG, RG, LH, FE - White has BG, FK & Ph for Fi - not enough!
c) 16:P-10f 17:Fix10ex!9d10d11d 18:Fix10e 19:RGx10d 20:LHx10d 21:P-6k and white has lost his Fi.
d) 16:VG-9g 17:GGx9g 18:Px9g 19:P-6k 20:RGx7m+ 21:Fex7m 22:RGx10m* 23:Fix14ex!5... (19: Fix10ex!3 20:LHx10e 21:RGx10c+ 22:FKx10c 23:RGx7d+ 24:Lnx7d White has lost a BG)
A. 17:P-6k 18:Fi-11ix!2 ! 19:Fix11i 20:VMx11i =
C. 17:RG-8m 18Fi-7lx!5 19:LHx7l 20:RG10d-9d 21:Fi-7cx!6 22:Fex7c 23:RGx10c+ 24:FKx10c 25:Fex8e ++
D. 17:RGx7f Fi10c-8fx! GG-8m Fi-7lx!5 LHx7l RG-9d RG-9m?? Fix8nx!4 mate
18:DKx7c 18:Fex7c not: 19:RGx7f Fi10c-8fx!7f GG-8m Fi-7lx!5 LHx7l RG-9d RG-9m Fix8mx!2 mate
19:RG-8m  20:Fi-7lx!5  21:LHx7l  22:Fi-9e  23:HF-4k
23:GG-8m K-7b GG-7n K-8a RG-8m RG-8d Fi-3gx! B-2b
24:RG-9d 24:Fi-6f (Fi-6g) GG-8l K-7b GG-7k K-8a(Fi-6lx!6 DHx6l) Fi-8l threat RG-8m
25:Ky-12o 26:Fi-5i 27:FEx8e 28:VGx8e 28:DK-8c !? 29:FEx9d Fi-4jx!4k5k FKx7f Fix3lx!2n3n Fi-2gx!3f ??? ^Now an attack on 8th file is not easy but not impossible
29:K-10o 29:FKx8e Fi-8fx!8e K-10o Fi-4jx!2
30:RGx9m* Fix5i WBx5i FKx8e Black has RG, LH, Ln, WB, BT for FE, 3P, Dg
30:Fi- ( 6g ) ? FKx8e + Fix8e GG8l Fi-8kx!7l8l Fix8k ++
30:Fi-4jx!2 Kx8e+ Fi-8fx! GG-8m Fi-8lx!7l8m Fix8l FE-8c Fi-3gx!3f ++ Black has Fi, SE, Ln, WB, BT for HF, FK, FE, 3P, Dg
31:FKx8e+ 32:K-7b
32:DK-8c GG8l K-7b Fi-8k FE-8d Fi-4gx!3f ++
32:FK-8c GG-8l K-9b ? +FKx9d Fex9d RG-9m K-10c GG-10l
33:FEx9e FEx9e Fi-8l WB-8f Black has GG,RG,LH,WB,Ln,BT,P for SE,FE,FK,R,VS,6P,Dg... but no deathly attack!
33:Fi-8l (34:K-6b +FK-8b FKx8b Fix8bx!5 mate next move) 34:WB-8f 35:FKx8e Fi-8fx!8e Fix8f BGx8f Black has GG,RG,LH,WB,Ln,BT,P for SE,FE,FK,R,VS,6P,Dg ... but no deathly attack! - or
(35:GG-8n Dg-5g Black has GG,RG,LH,WB,Ln,BT,P for SE,FE,FK,R,VS,6P,Dg... no deadly attack)
34:K-6b 34:Fi-6kx!7k7l Bx6k SE-3l+ Fi-4g and gote must lost 34:Fi-6jx!7k Fix6j and gote must lost
35:GG-11g  36:K-7b (36:K-5c GG-1g F-5d/6d Fi-4h mate next move) - Now how to attack
37:FEx9e FEx9e Fi-8l WB-8f Black has GG, RG, LH, WB, Ln, BT, P for SE, FE, FK, R, VS, 6P, Dg... but no deathly attack!
37:Fi-8l 38:WB-8f (38:K-6b +FK-8b FKx8b Fix8bx!7a7c9a9c mate next move)
A. 39:FKx8e Fi-8fx!8e Fix8f BGx8f Black has GG, RG, LH, WB, Ln, BT, P for SE, FE, FK, R, VS, 6P, Dg... but no deathly attack!
B. 39:GG-8n Dg-5g Black has GG, RG, LH, WB, Ln, BT, P for SE, FE, FK, R, VS, 6P, Dg... but no deathly attack!
37:GG-7k ! 38:K-6b GG-11g K-7b RG-7m RG-7d +Fex7d K-8a GG-8j mate (38:K-5c GG-1g F-5d/6d Fi-4h mate next move)
37:RG-7m   38:RG-7d   39:+FKx7d   40:K-8a   41:GG-8j mate

A new line produces a short instructive game.
Black : Michael Hofmann White : Dave Harper - June 2007 - PBeM 203
1 P-7k 2 SE-3f 3 BG-8k 4 P-4f 5 Fi-6k 6 P-10f 7 SE-14k 8 BG-9f 9 P-13k 10 Fi-11f
RGx7m+ is another line.
11 Fi-6h 12 BGx14k 13 WBx14k 14 Fi-8f A new line.
15 Fi-4gx!3 16 Fix13kx!4 The WB is a valuable scalp.
17 Fi-12m Excellent move. Diagram:
Position Game 203 move 17
18 VG-15j I was happy with my position here, thinking I had read the continuations correctly.
Instead 18.Fix10lx!5 FEx10l RGx7m+ Lnx7m VG-9g seems OK
or 18.Fix12mx!5 Chx12m looks tricky and may need analysis.
19 Fix15j 20 Fix10lx!5 21 FEx10l 22 LHx15j
Totally overlooking the left diagonal and the next move.
Michael kindly offered me a move retraction but it would still be a lost game.
23 VG-14g Mate
PS. white missed 20 Fix12nx!5 mate !!