21st century Tenjiku Shogi Old games

This page contains some early analysis, games and attempts.
Example game
to demonstrate the little threats that appear at nearly every move in a typical Tenjiku opening.
1:P-7k SE-3f (forced) 2:BGn-8k P-4f
if 2:--- P-2f then 3:BGnx3f Px3f 4:VGn-3h Any move 5:VGn-1h mate
3:FiD-6m Freeing the Rook General and aiming at 14e.
3:--- P-8f threatening VGn-3j mate.
If 3:---P-10f 4:BGnx3f WBfx3f 5:FiDx14ex!5 (covers 15j)
3:--- HF-13f    4:FiD-6j  P-10f   (if  HFx8k then 5:FiD-9jx! Threatens 6:FiDx14ex!4 or 6:FiDx9ex!5) 5:SE-14k VGn-13h 6:VGnx13h RGnx7m+ 7:FEgx7m LHkx13h    8:BGnx3f P3ex3f    9:FiD-4gx!3
3:--- HF-13f 4:FiD-6j P-10f 5:SE-14k BGn-9f 6:P-13k HFx8k 7:FiD-9j! B-15b 6:BGnx3f WBfx3f 7:P-13k WBf-1f
Now if 8:FiD-4gx!2 P-8f (9:FiDx7ex!4 VGn-3j) 9:SE-3k VGn-6f
Blocks the Fire Demon from a three move clear path to 3j
10:FiDx6ex!5 FiDx6e (10:FiDx3ex!4 VGnx3e 11:SEx3e+ FiD-4dx!)
3:--- HF-13f 4:FiD-6j P-10f 5:BGnx3f WBfx3f 6:SE-14k
Now BGn-9f (which would transpose) is not needed to stop the Fire Demons frontal attack from 9j so white has a choice.
4:FiD-6j Covers the mate and threatens 5:BGnx3f  WBfx3f  6:FiD-3gx!2 and if  BGnx3g  7:VGn-2g mate   Or 5:FiD-4gx!3
4:--- HF-4e Covers both threats but getting counter play first with 4:--- P-10f     5:SE-14k BGn-9f     6:P-13k  may be best, then one possibility is 6:--- RGnx7m+  7:Lnx7m (Flight square for King) FiD-7f      8:FiD-9j HF-13f
If 5:BGx3f WBx3f 6:SE-14k then WBf-1f is one choice
If 4:--- HF-13f   5:BGnx3f WBfx3f   6:FiD-4gx!3 with threats of VGn-2g mate , FiDx7ex!5 or FiDx3ex!4
5:BGnx3f  HFx3f    6:FiD-4gx!3  this is a good exchange for black and the Fire Demon attacks both 3e and 7e
6:--- RGnx7m+ Frees the Fire Demon and reduces the number of Jumping Generals captured if black gets to play FiDx7e
7:FEgx7m 7:Lnx7m is better; it would relieve the tension on 3j
GGnx7m is just possible. If white tries to win :- 7:GGnx7m VGn-3j? 8:FiD-4kx! GGn-9d? (just a demo remember!) 9:FiDx10ex!5 FiD10cx10e 10:VGn-2g WBfx2g 11:RGn-8m WBfx8m+ (promotes to a FiD but does not burn on this move!) 12:GGnx8m mate
7:--- FiD-7d   covers 7e and is able to develop easily from here.
8:P-13k   Overly defensive? Still…
If 8:FiDx3ex!3(still covering 3j) P-10f     9:SE-14k B-2b
(Not FiD-13jx!2 10:FiDx5cx!5 burns the king next)
10:FiDx3bx!7 FiD-13jx!2 with a lot of threats, e.g.
11:FiDx6bx!6 LHkx6b 12:VGn-2g K-7a 13:Ln-8m FiDx10lx!5 14:FiDx10l VGn-15j 15:K-9o VGn-16h 16:FiD-15gx! GGn-9d
17:K-8n GGn-8e        18:K-7n GGn-8e 19:K-6m GGn-6f  
20:K-7l GGn-7g        21:K-6k  FiD-9f  burning the king next.
( 21:K-8k  RGn-8d        22:K-9l   FiD-9f mate )
8:--- P-10f         9:HF-13l FiD-6f Stops one attack and limits the other, but white is behind. (Black must still cover 3j)
10:FiDx6fx!3 Black gets a soaring eagle, horned falcon, dog and four pawns for a bishop general. Remember the rules, 10:FiDx6e* captures a single pawn and the fire demon burns itself before any other pieces! (If 10:FiDx3ex!3 FiDx3e 11:BGnx3e+ VGn-3j mate).
10:---Bx6f If 10:--- VGnx6f, the VGn leaves the two mating diagonals, Or 10:---GGnx6f does little and can be forced back by 11:GGn-8n
11:SE-3k GGn-8e       12:GGn-8n Pinning the white GGn to the King. If 12:Ln-7n GGn-3j 13:SEx3j VGnx3j 14:K-9o BGn-2h mate
But 12:HF-4k is good, black has no attack with BGnx4k as 13:SEx4k and the Soaring Eagle can igui any piece that goes to 3j
12:---VGn-13h        13:SE-14k FiD 10c-9f  If 15:--- FiDx14kx!4 then 16:HFx11d+ removes the Bishop General with check.
14:RGnx10d+ Lnx10d       15:HF-4k DH-8g  The Dragon Horse renews the threat of FiDx14kx!4 and attacks the Horned Falcon.
16:HF-3j GGnx8n    Chs-7f looks ok here and let black make the Great  General exchange in gote
17:Lnx8n-7n FiD-10h    18:VGnx13h LHkx13h     19:FiD-7l HF-13f      20:FiD-6j ChS-6e
21:HF-3h CHsx3h          22:SEx3h FiD-12jx!2 (DH-9h 23:FiD-6gx! may be better)          
23:FiD-7gx!3 FK-7d      24:SE-14k HFx8k           25:FiD-8jx! FEg-8c      26:SE-8h Ph-8b
27:B-15o stops FIDx14l. ChS-3c same reason        
28:SEx13h (if HFx2a+ then FL-3b) FEgx13h
29:DH-12o WBf-7c       30:FEg-6m B-15b to make FiD-8k a single threat at most.           
31:LHk-4i WBf-3f         32:P-7j BGn-4f              33:FiD-8k FEg-14i       34:LHk-4k P-9f
35:FEg-6k DK-8c          36:Ln-7l    
the WBf now covers FiDx12n P-12k* is possible but there's the mating threat at 10l to keep covered.
Quick play and white plays defensively, waiting for the black attack to run out of steam.
36:---BGnx11m+    37:Rx11m Ph-6f    38:FiD-6h FiD-6d    39:HF-13k FiD-12jx!  
40:FiD-6ex!2 WBf3f-6c    41:FiD-6h R-6d    42:FiD-9j FiDx9j    43:Lnx9j Rx6k  
44:Px6k BGn-9b    45:DH-9i Ln-11f    46:ChS-7k DH-12b    47:DK-13m P-13f   
48:DK-13k ChS14b-13c     49:R14m-13m S-10b    50:DHx3c+ VSox3c    51:DK-14k FEg-1i    52:R-13k S-9c    53:WBf-13l VSo-4c    54:LHk-3j FEg-4f    55:R-8k S-8d   
56:R-13m FL-3b    57:P-11k DE-10b     58:ChS-10k BT-10c    59:P-4k DH-9e   
60:WBf-4l DE-9c    61:VSo-13n ChS13c-12c    62:WBf-15n VSo-13c   63:ChS-10i Dg-12g   64:ChS-4h FEg-3f   65:ChS-3i FEg-1h   66:WBf-2j FEgx3j   67:WBfx3j VM-3d  
68:R-8h VM-3c   69:P-10k DK-5e   70:ChS-7i DK-7e    71:ChS3ix7e+ Sx7e  
72:Rx8v+ DEx8c   73:VSo-13o SM-6d   74:DK-13n P-12f   75:DH-12n VSo-4e   7
6:WBf-5h P-3f   77:Ln-8h P-9g   78:ChS4o-9j ChSx4k   79:Ln-6g SE-7d   80:WBf-5g VSo-6e   81:Ln-5e+ SM-3d   82:+LHkx!6e WBf-5c   83:ChS-5f BGnx5f   84:+LHkx5f ChS13b-9f   85:+LHkx7d ChSx7d   86:Rx13f VSox13f   87:DKx13f B-12e   88:DK13fx14e+ Rx14e   89:DKx14e+ ChS-12c   90:+SEx12c SSox12c   91:FK-13j ChSx13j   92:ChSx3b= S-6d   93:ChSx3c= SSox3c   94:WBfx2a+ WBf-5e   95:+FiD-6ex!2 ChS-6c   96:+FiD-5bx!5

1 SE 12m10k  2 P 10e10f  3 P 13l13k  4 VGn 9d11f  5 HF 4m4k  6 P 9e9f
7 P 8l8k  8 FiD 10c8f  9 VGn 8m6k  10 FiD 8f12j  11 HF 4k4j4j  12 FiD 12j14l
13 HF 4j10d+  14 LHk 8c10d  15 DH 13n16k  16 VGn 11f6k  17 B 14n15o
18 FiD 14l14o  19 FiD 7n7k  20 FiD 14o15l  21 FiD 7k10i  22 B 14c15b
23 RGn 7m8m  24 FEg 9c9e  25 FiD 10i8j  26 BGn 11d10c  27 FiD 8j8e
28 BGn 10c8e  29 RGn 8m8e+  30 FiD 15l8e  31 GGn 9m8m mate

1. SE-10k P-10f    2. P-13k P-7f  3. P-7k SE-3f   4. BGn8k P-4f   5. FiD-6k HF-4e   6. SE-3k SEx3k
7. FiDx3k B-2b   8. HF-4k BGn-8f   9. FiD-3gx! P-3f*   10. FiD-6j HF-13f  11. BGn-5h BGnx4k  
12. Px4k FiD-11f   13. BGnx9d+ RGnx9d   14. VGn-9k FiD-4d   15. Dg-5j FiD-3f   16. P-7j BGn-9g
17. FiD-3k RGnx9k   18. Px9k FiD-8ix!    Doesn't work
19. SEx8i FiD-9lx!5   20. FiDx9l GGn-9d   21. FiDx9ex!3 FEgx9e  (Dia)
22. RGn-8m BGn-8f   23. SEx8f RGn-8d   24. SEx8d mate

Early tries
1:SE-3k P-8f ?         2:P-7k VGn-4i             3:BGn-7l VGnx8m* ??      4:BGn-2g mate
1:P-10k P-10f           2:SE-14k BGn-10e     3:P-13k Ky-5b (HF-13f)      4:GGn-15g SE-3f
5:GGn-15h K-7b      6:GGn-1h SEx1h         7:BGnx1h mate
1:P-7k  SE-3f                           2:P-9k  P-10f                           3:SE-14k  HF-13f
4:VGn-4i   P-4f                        5: FiD-8m  HFx6m+                 6:WBfx6m   BGn-10e
7:P-13k  P-8f                           8:FiD-14g  VGnx4i                   9:LHkx4i  FiDx4i
10:B-2o  B-15b                       11:FiDx14ex!4  ChSx14e         12:WBfx14e+  FiD-8mx!4
13:FKx8m  GGn-9d                 14:K-8o  GGn-8e                    15:K-9n  GGn-9f
16:K-8n  RGn10d-8d mate
1. P 7l - 7k  SE 5d - 3f             2. P 9l - 9k  P 10e - 10f      3. SE 12m - 14k  HF 13d - 13f
4. VGn 8m - 4i  HF 13f x 6m*     5. FiD 7n - 12i  VGn 9d x 4i            6. LHk 9n x 4i  RGn 7d x 7m+
7. GGn 9m x 7m  FiD 10c - 9f     8. Ky 10o - 12o   GGn 8d - 9d        9. K 9p - 10o  GGn 9d - 10c
10. K 10o - 9n  RGn 10d - 9d         11. K 9n - 8m  FiD 9f - 8i              12. K 8m - 7n  RGn 9d - 7d
13. RGn10mx10c+ FK9bx10c    14.GGn7m x7d*  FiD8i-5jx!2   15.WBf11n-10o  FiD5j-8mx!3 mate
1:P-7k  SE-3f       2:BGn-8k  P-4f   3:FiD-6k  RGnx7m+   4:FEgx7m  P-10f    5:SE-14k  P-2f   
6:FiD-9j HF-13f    7:FiDx9ex!5  FiD10cx9e          8:VGn-2g  SEx2g       9:GG-8n mate
1:SE-10k P-10f           2:P-13k VGn13h      3:HF-13l P-8f                4:HF-4k FiD-5h
5:HFx11d+ FKx11d    6:P-8k RGn-9d        7:VGnx13h RGnx9m*    8:RGn10m-8m LHkx13h
9:FiD-9k HF-4f           10:FiDx9ex!3 mate