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Apart from the "Original site games" all games were played on Richards PBeM server. The games presented here from the server archive will all be annotated, useful if you view them on the server. 

There was no analysis of the new rules for the early games (the Adams analysis was for the old rules so did not apply). The first games then are influenced by Chu and Dai Shogi.
But Tenjiku is an altogether different kind of beast.

A little while ago there was a dispute as to how the Fire Demon acted when landing next to an enemy Fire Demon. One camp held that the attacking Demon burned all surrounding enemy pieces but not the enemy Demon before being consumed itself. The other camp held that the attacking Fire Demon only destroyed the piece landed on then died.
This game was put on the old pages to demonstrate the FiD v FiD rules.
1:P-7k SE-3f 2:SE-3k  Although not an immediate force it does keep the BG covering 1h.
2:- P-10f 3:SE-14k P-4f 4:VG-5j BGx5j Big mistake, may be for move 6 and control of the 5j-11d diag
5:LHx5j Fi-11f 6:Fi-8k RGx7m+ This sort of RG exchange should only be played if necessary, in this case it invites the doubled Fi's. The Fi on 8k may be poisonous e.g.(6:--GGx8k 7:P-8k FK-11d 8:GG-8m K-9b 9:GG-9n K-8a 10:RG-8d VG-8d 11:Fi-9k P-9f 12:Fi-6h) but I'm not sure yet.
If the Fi cannot be taken then white should just play 6:--P-8f.
7:Fi10n-7lx! RGx10m+ Now after 8:FKx10m then if HF-13f (to stop Fix14ex!5)
then 9:Fix8ex!4 Fi11fx8e 10:GG-8m
This is checkmate under the PBeM rules (Fix8l*) but not under the common rules (Fix8lx!3*).
Note 9:--Fi7cx8e loses both versions. 10:GG-8m Fix8lx!3* 11:Fix7bx!7