21st century Tenjiku Shogi Home page
Welcome to a few pages devoted to the exciting game of Tenjiku Shogi.
Tenjiku Shogi is a 400 year old chess variant still in it's infancy. The lack of historical games allow players to discover openings.
Solid plodding play is out, aggressive precision play is in. It may be the most violent and exciting form of chess yet.
Chu players will find the new pieces fairly easy to learn
So who will visit these pages?
A few active players, usually from PBM, a few ex-players to see what is happening, a few chess variant type players out of curiosity and the occasional accidental visitor. All in all a handful, but if one odd surfer gets the bug the pages won't be wasted.
One obstacle for new players is the large number of pieces, but if you begin by playing aggressive attacking games then you will only need to learn a few pieces.
Some players (and a few non players) have called Tenjiku the most exciting chess variant ever!
Click onto the tutor (you should recognise him) on the right, give it a go.

For those preferring chess variants with a slow solid development, Chu, Dai-dai or even Dai Shogi may offer a more satisfying game.
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(posted Jul08)
1Jun08 Battering Ram an alternative piece?
Found by Colin Adams
3Jun08 Five good related questions here

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If you want a game challenge daveh on PBeM
July 2008.
A new problem courtesy of Guenther and a changed move in the Double doors opening.

The problem (N101) is on the first problems page for now, until I decide on a new way to present the full board problems. It may be best to not give multiple choices from now on.

Site health warning: This game is not recommended for anyone with a weak heart.